Ruby Rewards


Mon-Tue 11AM, Thur 12PM & 3:30PM, Fri 11AM


Tue 10AM to 11AM

Price: Members: $6


Chook run times - Tue 5:15PM
Fri 8PM

Contact: Phil Bonnici - (02) 9602 7468

Indoor Bowls

Tue 6:30PM

Contact: Shirley Allard - 0421 408 310


Social Darts everyday 7PM

Contact: Maria Wetere - 0411 408 310

Line Dancing

Beginner classes - Mon 7:30PM, Wed 11AM, Sat 10:30AM

Free Line Dancing

Free line dance lessons held of the third Friday of every month

Tai Chi

Beginners - Mon 10AM
Intermediates - Mon 11AM

Members: $8/class or $48/term
Non-Members:$10/class or $118/term

See official website for further details

What is Ruby Rewards?

Ruby Rewards at Club Condell Park is a tiered loyalty program where you accumulate rewards points for supporting the club.

How does Ruby Rewards Work?

Ruby Rewards is made up of four tiers, being Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You begin as a bronze member and may work your way up to the higher tiers as you accumulate points through money spent at the club. Your benefits only get better as you reach higher tier levels!

How do I earn points?

Be sure to use your membership card whenever you are processing any sort of transaction at Club Condell Park. You can earn points by purchasing:
  • Meals at The Eldridge Bistro and Mr Ko’s Noodle Bar
  • Drinks from any of our bars
  • Hot drinks, snacks, and desserts from The Park Café and Eatery
  • Playing the poker machines
  • Show tickets from the club reception

How can I spend my points?

Be sure to use your membership card whenever you are processing any sort of transaction at Club Condell Park. You can earn points by purchasing:
  • Any bar items
  • Any item at the Park Café and Eatery
  • Any meal at the Eldridge Bistro and Mr. Ko’s Noodle Bar
  • Show tickets at the club reception
  • Any time redemptions
  • Seasonal redemptions
  • Donate money to a charity of your choosing

How do I sign up?

Great news, you’re already part of the tiering system as a Club Condell Park member.

More Questions

Anytime Redemptions are year-round purchases that you can make at the kiosk using your points, including Woolworth’s grocery and petrol vouchers.
Seasonal Redemptions are specialised purchases you can make using your points. Catalogue items rotate with the change of each season and range in value. Once you purchase your item at the kiosk, we order it, and you may pick it up from the club.

You may view seasonal redemption items in the seasonal redemption catalogue, attached to the quarterly newsletter.
Moving up tiers is achieved by accumulating points as you make purchases as well as simply visiting Club Condell Park.
On the first day of each month, we will move members to the tier for which they qualify, based on points earned during the previous month.
Yes, however, this will only happen on a half-yearly basis. Once you’re in your tier, you will remain so for a minimum of six months. We will notify you when you’re in risk of moving down a tier.
You may opt out by emailing . Alternatively, you may inform the reception staff that you no longer wish to be part of the program and they will forward the message.
Purchase a ‘Seasonal Rewards’ items using your points at Club Condell Park. Just head to our kiosk to see what’s on offer each season. Prizes change on a quarterly basis.
Anytime Redemptions give you access to all-year-accessible redeemable purchases, including items such as Woollies Vouchers and Petrol vouchers, all available at the club kiosk.